A man came to my house today to look at a broken window. The plan is he will get back to me after the holidays about fixing it. It’s cracked. In need of repair. A small window.

I am reminded, inside my head, of small windows. As in time. My daughter is currently home. As most college students are.  So I am focusing on focus. Not a profound statement…but yet. Focus on focus.

One more time:

focus on focus

Don’t allow myself to consider all the other stuff. Tomorrow’s and next week’s and what’s going to happen mid January. Limit myself.

Time with the people I care about. Real, actual, time. Not always planned. Often unexpected. Not with a list to accomplish. Not worrying about making sure there is any purpose. Except time. 

Which is often a very small window. Or, maybe just a window pane. A piece. A marker. A section of a day. That’s what makes all the difference in the world sometimes.

Grateful for illumination. Outside in and inside out. Fragile moments enabling us to see clearly. The people we care for most.

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