I have experienced the unexpected this week. Not in a huge way, as in nothing revolutionary happened. Nothing far out of the ordinary, I suppose. Yet.

Thinking back to Sunday, which was Palm Sunday. My son was in Kentucky for his spring break and performed a recital in Louisville. His sister surprised him by attending. All the way from NYC. The unexpected. Oh, I knew she was coming ahead of time. But he didn’t.

Beyond Sunday, there have been other happenings which were not originally on my agenda. And felt emotions which I didn’t plan on dealing with. Ups and downs. Joys, sure. Sometimes the unexpected brings elation. Other times not so much.

Perhaps appropriate for the week. We call it Holy Week because we have a name for everything. Maundy. Good. Palm. Easter. This week generally reminds me of the disciples and how clueless they were as to what was happening. Because truly, how could they have known? Imagining the depth of emotion they felt is interesting to me. Because between one Sunday and the next they experienced much.

Nope. I have not dealt with anything of that particular magnitude this week. But it’s the cluelessness that gets me. Not clueless in a dumb, disengaged, haphazard sort of way. But clueless in the fact I simply do not know exactly what I am going to experience. So much is beyond my control.

Friends gave our family this cross years ago…none of us would have expected life to take us where it has…loss, death, grief, joy, redemption, pain, renewal, hope, love…

Yet. I realize I should be as prepared as possible. Oh, I want revelation. I want answers to big and little questions. And that is not possible. Often, at least, it’s not. Therefore…I have to mesh the two. Be prepared as possible for what is not possible…. So many possibilities. Which is an extremely corny thing to say but anyway I think you get the point, right?

My college piano professor told me I should be like a Boy Scout and always be prepared. And interestingly, when I consider that mantra, it reminds me of the negative. As in be prepared for the storm. Be prepared for danger. Be prepared for a breakdown. Instead of be prepared for the beautiful. Be prepared for joy. Be prepared for something wild and wonderful and fully unanticipated.

Three stories of redemption come to mind today. Three separate women. One is a musician and I have listened and re-listened to parts of her story this week, through song. Heard before, yet..her lyrics..if it’s not okay, then it is not the end…also..I will not let darkness have the final cadence. Another is a baker who wrote a book, which in turn, yes, means she’s an author. The other is an artist. I can relate to pieces of each of their stories. I see a bit of me, maybe because they participate in some of my favorite undertakings…writing, baking, music, painting, but also because they have been broken. Unexpectedly broken. And in turn, I’m quite certain they’ve been surprised by joy and love. Unexpected…which is of course, what a surprise is.

The women in the Easter story were beyond surprised. After being broken. So many emotions in three days’ time. I can relate. But this is not a comparative essay. What is it then? Simply my thoughts. On a week…before, after and during.

song lyrics by Sandra McCracken’s album…Songs from the Valley 

the quote…“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay it’s not the end,” is attributed to John Lennon…although my mention above is taken from Sandra’s song “Fool’s Gold”


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