the day picked for you
you had no choice
but it fits
a June birthday
at least I believe so
because to me you are sunshine
you are the blond head of hair
the hospitable one
the welcomer
capable of addressing
perhaps you sometimes think of yourself as winter gray
to me, you are bright yellow
the little girl swimming in the pool
the young lady who reminds me of a great grandma she never knew
the color orange and fashionable and sometimes brash
accepting the world as it comes
yet opinionated
making it work
a fighter though
torn between reality and possibility
the adventurer
studier of the wrong
I hope for you
for you to find your joy
down the street and around the world
and inside your heart
I know that joy often hides
in quiet corners of our mind and soul
heaviness abounds
darkness comes everyday
shrinking this month though
longest days of light
so I hope you shine extra…
you don’t have to know today
but you should live today
one more time…you don’t have to know
today or tomorrow but at some point
you will know
until the next question and you’ll start afresh
sunshine always returns
days might go by…
the sun rises despite and assures me
we are connected
the sun, moon, stars, people I love
you love
family is who you label family
simple as that
shine on those people
give them grace
give yourself more
and continue becoming
the world needs you
the Universe picked this day for

Happy, happy birthday to my favorite young lady. She’s twenty today. No longer a teenager. I could say 1000 things about the tumultuousness of the mother / daughter relationship. Or how proud I am of what she’s accomplished. Or how beautiful I believe she is. But birthdays are not designed for that. Birthdays are a celebration. Of life. Simple, basic, and true. A party for who a person is. Not what. And who she is…is a part of me. So I celebrate her and all that makes her just that. The twenty year old lovely person she is today.

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