I saw these flowers blooming in the backyard. Oddly placed, amongst tall grass. A subtle reminder that beauty blooms despite a plan.

I know I write often about flowers and nature. Growth. That sort of thing. I suppose because I personally see many analogies in this aspect of the world. And I enjoy the outdoors, plants, etc. One of my recent posts was about roses.

The flowers out back caught me off guard because they sprouted up oddly. I didn’t plant the seeds. They just happened there, carried by the wind or who knows? The backyard is in disarray. I won’t go into the details as to why but it is time for me to move on from this current house. And I’m working on moving on. But am kind of in a holding pattern as of today. Nowhere to go at the moment. I know that will change. Soon.

My mind is cluttered with thoughts. Mental lists of work items. People I need to contact for various reasons. Tasks. What I’m going to do this weekend or not do. When I should next visit my daughter. Plans to be made. Plans in process. And I am not overwhelmed but I needed the flowers. The flowers growing wildly just for me.

The message? Perhaps there is none. Just the randomness of the environment. I take it as a clue though. For me personally. That everything is going to be alright. A happy little significance. Pretty things can appear in unexpected places. I don’t have to conjure up every bit of loveliness on my own. Sometimes. Sometimes beauty just happens. Appears. Unplanned and not perfect but the closest thing. And I’m learning I just have to accept it. As a gift.

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