02/02 = 24

notes upon notes upon notes
black on a white page
like words typed
to be read
they encompass you
the notes, that is
define you, yet
they don’t
you are much more
much more too
than words read
out of a book
or written by hand
or these words, you’re reading now
these means do not tell, all
you are unique
your story is spoken
recited and most importantly
only fully by you

so share it
while clinging to your very being
yielding only to those
who guard your heart
realize the strength
you surround
comprehend the strength as well
which engulfs you from without

celebrate the notes
the pages
books, songs, letters
knowledge and wisdom
taking time though, always
to applaud yourself
because you are you

February 2, 2019, is my son Jamie’s twenty fourth birthday. Yes, kids do grow up. Which is a beautiful thing, yet one of the harshest realities for a mom. At least for me. I’m thankful for the man (yikes, he’s actually an adult!!!) he is. He holds the door for people (important to me). Cooks better than anyone I know personally. Is always available to explain a music theory scenario I can’t quite figure out. And to get a bit serious, has dealt, as a young person, with some pretty rough situations. Because life is…as he’s learned…not an everyday celebration and sometimes, quite frankly, a shit show (pardon me but I find that term helpful). Yet…I wish for him, today, a very happy day of living, being and learning as he continues moving forward. I couldn’t be prouder. 

the hockey years

he’s been a musician for 20+ years…
my favorite photo of just the 2 of us

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