walked ten blocks

I walked five blocks. Downtown then back. Meaning ten blocks in all. With a stop in between for poetry. I did something brave and I went. Alone. Work in bag, prepared. Yet. Not quite ready. So I observed. Listened. Watched. Clapped. Intrigued, I will return. And perhaps. Share. Probably will share because I need to. I need to magnify my voice. For a million reasons. Well not quite a million but the microphone. People think I’m shy and want to stay behind the scenes. A helper. Not a performer. But. That’s not entirely true. And I am not ashamed. He had the mic for too many years and though good. It got me nowhere. Except here. Which I suppose is somewhere so I take it back. And truth be told. I can handle it just fine thank you. Meaning the mic.

Someone said I am an artist and I said not really. Because I’m not. But maybe I am. Because everyone is something. So why not? 

I went tonight because I wanted to be brave. And prove something to myself. And see what others need to prove to themselves. It was a success. I walked. I already said that. Why don’t more people walk?

My poems are personal. About me and not about valiant ideals. They are not meant to inspire a nation or execute a coup. They are my love songs and self help methodologies. Written by me and for me and perhaps for others.

I will return. Maybe not alone. But for tonight. I am pleased with myself. I learned some things today. Who and what I am. And am not. That’s progress. Essential for growth. I ask myself what ordinary people do. Then realize. I never wanted to be ordinary. Which is why I walked ten blocks with poetry in between.

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