life goes on

Our most important signs are signaled to us via nature. At least that’s my opinion. Sun, moon, stars. Or in my case today, a plant. Well, two plants. One a flowering vine which grew from seeds I planted in the spring. Purple flowers. Intertwining and a sort of randomness amongst its beauty. Now it’s done. The cold weather has come. The plant has shriveled up. The other plant. One I purchased last December. A pretty Christmas cacti. It has been living outdoors all summer and into the fall. I brought it inside a few days ago. I noticed some tiny buds. It should, if all goes well, bloom again at Christmas time. It’s now living in a sunny window. I bought it at my favorite plant store. Found it unique. Want it to thrive for seasons to come.

How the vine looks now that cold weather has come (brr)

How the vine looked in August, when it yielded pretty purple flowers

In my mind, each of these plants (the vine and the cacti) yields a symbolic representation of particular situations I am faced with. I realize the vagueness, yes. I don’t feel a need to share exact details.

Hope though, is also often offered through the most modern of methodologies. Email, text, phone call. In other words, communication with an actual human. I received an email that gave me a glimmer, just a few minutes prior to beginning this entry. I should mention I also received an email from my sister earlier in the day which I found encouraging. And a phone call with my daughter which lifted my mood.

Earlier today I listed out, in bullet form, many of the experiences I had during October. Some had to do with my children and family. Some were work related. Others were deeply personal. One was the five year anniversary of my divorce being finalized. Another was an illness I seemed to have most of the month. I will not hesitate to say. It was a lot. I had, not only a busy month, but an emotionally heavy one as well.

So, as I look back on the above paragraphs, I realize there is a correlation. Between the signs and signals the Universe gives us. The promptings and the realizations. And our very real life experiences. My conclusion? Life…goes…on.

Yeah, not so deep. Yet the deepest of all. That no matter what we go through. Or I should say I go through. My life continues on. But. And this is a big one. Life does change. It changes us and those traveling along with us. As well as our circumstances. And I believe I am changing. Evolving. Realizing that what I believed is not…and what I didn’t believe often is. And I must not be stagnant. Must not allow myself to live someone else’s interruption of me or my experiences. Accept the truth no matter how difficult.

Like the plants. One is going to bloom again. One is done for. Some parts of my life end and some, season after season, remain. Yet life in general ebbs and flows and continues.

I looked over my October goals yesterday and realized I met very few of them. The month is now a blur. Activities and happenings and ups and downs. I am in the process of setting goals for November and a song popped into my head a few days ago. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da is the title. Yeah, The Beatles. The lyrics that ring out though…life goes on

So, while the verses don’t exactly apply to my current situation, I feel the three words above do. My sister reminded me this week of how far I’ve come in the last five years. And she’s right. I realized though, quite recently, no matter how resilient, I can still break. But life goes on. I am experiencing many emotions, at the moment. October’s busyness and illness and circumstances came with a toll to pay. Yet, life goes on. Albeit not the same.

if you want to listen to the song


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