a different route

A few people ask me, fairly frequently, if I’ve been writing. What they’re generally asking about is my blog. Which you are currently reading! They’re wondering if I’ve posted a new entry. Or come up with anything I might deem clever to say. And the truth is. I have not posted regularly for a while.

My thought process has been void in this regard. Meaning I haven’t been able to come up with anything I thought worthwhile to write. Or to proclaim to the world via my blog. I will say this though. I have posted, here and there and fairly regularly, entries on my “Other Writings” page. This page has become a means for me to post my poetry. I almost wince at saying that. “My poetry”. Because being a blogger is simple. Anyone with access to the World Wide Web can become one. And truth be told, anyone with access can post whatever they want to label “poetry”. But to tell the world that, hey, I’ve been posting poetry on the internet. Well that can be a bit daunting. But nevertheless.

This past year, I made efforts to better myself in this regard. Hoped to become more comfortable in calling myself a poet. Or shall we say writer of poetry. I have participated in open mic nights. I have submitted work in hopes of publication. I even applied (and was accepted!!!) to the Poetry Gauntlet, which is a year long commitment offered by the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning, here in my city. I have made strides.

I recently heard a question. I have mulled it over a great deal. In regards to many facets of my life. But I suppose it fits with my writing. The question?

Am I willing to take a different route?

A few years back, I wanted to pursue more writing opportunities. But I didn’t have much direction. Plus at that point, my blog was rather therapeutic. Now I’ve moved on a bit. And am excited as to where I’m headed. Even though I have only a vague idea.

Putting oneself out there is a risk. But it’s something people close to me have told me to do for a while now. So here’s me giving an update on just that. I hope to take a few different routes in 2020. I sense positive change is ahead. It’s been a while since I felt this way. We’re already twelve days in, but happy new year…here’s to choosing a different route.

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