2 poems

{none of us are alright}

none of us are alright
a difficulty
yet a fact, nonetheless
we might appear so
together, seemingly well adjusted
bright, articulate for the most part
capable and offering the necessary

where will we go today
the places one cannot traverse via map
alone even if not
the mind leading where we do not want to ever return
thoughts pervade, I am certain
and we block as best temporarily
there is the immediate to tend to

people check in and check out
some engaged some not
asking, hoping, encouraging
sincere yet incapable of comprehension
I am as well to a degree
not fully able to understand due to simply being me
my prayers are very specific

there is a fog in my mind
a barrier which I cannot seem to remove
yet occurrences from way back pop in, pop out
appearing and reminding me
I set out to do this, rephrasing we
sometime ago the partner became the foe
now I muster the courage and get on with it

oh, I will and I am
I do not doubt my own tenacity
and even less so, my doubts as us together
time marches ever on despite our screams for it to stop
everyone has their own version of a song
or else they have never lost
meaning they will never understand


I walked then stopped
two people and a dog were too close to my newfound spot
the place the previous two days I had sat, prayed, considered
being resourceful, I found another perch even higher, better
and sat

when six o’clock came, I heard the bells
more chimed than the hour called for
I recalled our currency
a state of death, mourning
the bells, an announced symbol of unity

and I scoffed
because let us be real
death is horrible and repulsive, yes
but death elevated over another’s is more so
the masses only cry when their world is impacted

Hemingway, of course, comes to my mind this morning
when I consider the bells
a novel written about a fascist regime; familiar?
I asked myself previously and again this morning
why bells do not toll for some

cause and effect
words and terms and I consider
Longfellow the poet heard the bells
then declared God is not dead and doesn’t sleep

I failed to mention
there were multiple bells
as in various church towers belting out a rhythm
even in supposed camaraderie we are a failure

people are now announcing an enhanced dream life
I too have noticed mine
and again, Hemingway as I dreamed of someone who reminds me
the cycles of life
all our choices

how many times can one break
if already shattered
resiliency is becoming a dirty word
as in muddied and trampled on, the quite literal
I search for someone to blame

can we at least synchronize our bells
my guess is yes, but we will not
everyone just wants to be heard
the loudest not caring if they drown the rest
goodness, in my opinion, is not silent yet quiet

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