I have spent the better part of the week

trying and trying again to write

something meaningful and clever

just for you

and I am accomplishing little

what a time

what a world

you are launching into

except you were already launched

you’re just walking out the door as a new label today

college grad

you have always been up for an adventure

oh the places you’ve been

people you’ve met

the work you have accomplished

rephrasing, not sure you will actually walk out your door today

maybe tomorrow

the current scene is not so conducive to walking out your Brooklyn door

I picked up a phrase a few months back

certainty is an idol

and I consider it almost daily

I cannot be certain of much of anything

especially not now

endings or beginnings

markers of time have been erased or skipped

celebrations precluded

there are no guarantees

I have learned that

the great balance of life

wanting today what you cannot have today

yet finding the joy

knowing though your own abilities, strengths

you are fully capable and unique

you will do more than manage

tenacious describes you

yet you also care

people and causes and communities

that is the recipe of you

tenacity mixed with love

you do not need certainty

despite that might be what you crave

you need the people who love you

and a role to fill

today your role is to seek out your place

your place for today, which might change tomorrow

and then change again

life is tumultuous

and sometimes it’s not

I trust you will manage

succeed and become

possibly slower than you would prefer

I challenge you to enjoy the beauty

years will pass, though it might not seem so

you will look back and reflect and assess

consider what you want to attribute to this time

who you hope to be, not what

I congratulate myself and march on

curious and proud, concerned yet anticipating

knowing full well you are you

thankful I have the privilege, one of the few labels I cherish

love today and always, your mom

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