a corkscrew shape

symbol for resiliency and isn’t that interesting

resilience is my new word

movement was the first word I chose for 2021

and then I considered light but light is rather overused

movement seemed fitting in many ways because 2020 was so stagnant

but now here we are marching through this year

and I am reminded, quite often

the importance of resiliency

bounce back, spring back

extend but return to myself

helix, the shape of DNA and so much else in nature

I reserved an Airbnb with a spiral staircase, not even realizing

a friend from years ago reminded me through words on social media

so full circle I come and allow myself the elasticity

do other people think this way?


or am I alone in my words and pondering

Spring Break 2021. I decided I not only wanted to visit an ancient burial ground. But the closest Nordstrom as well. Their shoe department is the best and I like shoes and I have not stepped inside a store that carries the brands Nordstrom carries in I don’t know how long. Which might make me sound rather pretentious but. I assure you I am not. I am just of that ilk. People who enjoy department stores. And by that I mean nice ones. I like to know the Valentino shoes are there. Am I going to purchase them? Nope. But they are present and accounted for and that simply is something I once in a while. Enjoy.

Back to the ancient burial ground. At some point, I believe it was around the Winter Solstice, I found out about Serpent Mound. It’s in Ohio and it’s who knows how many centuries old. Apparently no one actually does. But it’s ancient and it’s, according to the experts, an assortment of Native American burial mounds, including a serpent shaped final resting place. Of course, I had to get there as quick as I could. Which was late March. Meaning Tuesday.

It was interesting. Honestly I would have preferred more accurate info but I suppose that’s impossible since this place was most likely created hundreds and hundreds of years ago. It is pretty remarkable as far as the giant serpent shape. Which, incidentally, is coiled into a helix shape. Note the theme. All in all, I’m glad I visited but it was a bit difficult to muster my usual active imagination in conjuring up what might have actually happened there, way back when.

March was Women's History Month and I keep pondering
what does that mean to me, as a woman?
anything? not sure, really
I HAVE thought quite a bit about the kinds of women who make history
you know that saying? something about well behaved women rarely...
and that's true, I suppose
I'm not sure if making history is the goal though
I have been doing a barre workout and the instructor says something fairly often
or something like that and it's interesting to me
I'm not particularly physically strong nor am I especially graceful
but as I work on becoming more graceful, I become stronger
really, I think we should emphasize resilience, as far as mentoring younger women and girls
hard time are going to come, that's a given
strength is helpful, sure
but isn't the bounce back important? being able to wrap yourself up and around and back again
the ability to adjust
that's what has gotten me through a great deal
it often seems the loudest gets the prize, the position, the placement
as far as success or becoming noteworthy
the one who always has something to say
sometimes during a storm you just need to adjust the sails
maybe let the tide bring you back to shore

I spelled resilient incorrectly on my Spring 2021 vision board and I am annoyed at myself. Of course, it’s hanging on the door of my spare bedroom/office and no one is going to see it. Except me and I think I’m going to have to correct it. It reminds me of a college professor I had who made a habit of using a red marker on church bulletins and newsletters and whatever else she could get her hands on. She would mark up the document and send it back to whoever created it. Nice right? I’m really trying not to become her. Except there’s a part of me who kind of wants to. She also preached in her classes that Nordstrom was the best store in San Diego due to their customer service. So there’s that. She also dealt with a good deal of adversity in her life and was fiercely independent yet seemed to have a strong support system. Good things! I guess I’ve been thinking lately about my own mentors, and whether I realized it at the time or not, she was one of mine. I was able to spend a little time with two of my currents this week and as always, it was helpful. Enjoy your week.

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