before the plunge begins

September offers a glow

a yellowed brightness before the plunge begins

plunge being the journey into cooler, darker days

lately I’ve had moments when I long for a cold, driving rain

I want to be chilled to the bone

frigid and fully broken because I sometimes believe it’s only then 

well, just only then

I have, this year, made it a quest to be healthy

not that I haven’t in the past

but age and years in the sunshine offer new requirements

and so I obeyed and made multiple doctor visits

until a minor accident befell me, quite literally

no worries, all is well, but it finally took my doctor reassuring me

and worse for the wear I emerge a few weeks later 

not complaining because all could be much, much worse

I am left with questions about my own intentions

who and what do I think I am and why

sometimes life simply happens and sometimes we create a life

most often I’d say it’s the later 

I haven’t been able to write much as of late

well, not much to share 

it’s normal, I’d say to go through dry spells

especially when our surroundings are so gray

fog engulfed my early Thursday morning and it’s symbolic, I’d venture

we just cannot see very far ahead right now

but we know, we know for sure winter will follow autumn

and the cold rain will fall

yesterday I received, in part, what I needed

creative inspiration

I’m labeling it a French day

mainly because I enjoy themes, silly perhaps

food, art, time with a couple friends, and a visit to my favorite wine shop

beauty, aesthetically and in thought

sometimes joy is momental 

like the beads I’ve always enjoyed stringing together to make a necklace

it’s piecemeal

the hope, simply that hope

will again circle back

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