winter says

winter says, let me interrupt. oh, did you have plans? no matter. I will change it all up. reminds me of the last few years. best laid. not what I. expected. looking back further. not at all what I bargained for and now here I am. childhood dreams. love and tales of. winter says, slow … More winter says

what’s beautiful

hiking day I look forward to the quiet away from street noise and sirens      distant construction and lawn care providers   I want an imperial freedom meaning vast and unencumbered I want to do as I please or more importantly live without the seeming hassles I currently face this and that and always, … More what’s beautiful


they force us to be what they expect us to be.  even worse is how we become it. I have considered lately the many times I’ve been “put in my place” given a role to fill and little else yet attempts made to convince me all of this is great and I should be thankful … More dash


doors closed people are not as nice as we might think should one follow ones heart? doors left open there is something to say about practicality except the ordinary is just that blasé I’ve found the opposite requires a great deal of waiting ironically is how I celebrate life can be, and for the most … More traverse


funny how words can break me nothing particularly relevant or important only blah blah a brief mention and I am gone receded into the place my mind reserves for reality I had a talk with myself this week sometimes I’m my own coach and I’m more of the old fashioned type the generation of yelling … More venture


helix a corkscrew shape symbol for resiliency and isn’t that interesting resilience is my new word movement was the first word I chose for 2021 and then I considered light but light is rather overused movement seemed fitting in many ways because 2020 was so stagnant but now here we are marching through this year … More resilience

steel wool

It’s when you wake up and realize you’re not anxious. Not really worried today. Just tired. Tired for no real reason and sad. Desperately sad because nothing will happen today. Nothing that will fill the void. Nothing that will bring back what’s been lost. Or what was never to be. It’s just a day. The … More steel wool


clippity clop, clippity clop. I sometimes, generally in the morning. hear the sound of horses as they walk down my street. police horses, officers riding along, slowly. today I walked, towards the stable where the horses reside. not with the intent the stable would be my destination. just the general direction and I witnessed an … More movement