Ms Debbie there’s dirt on your face Ash Wednesday was explained to some happily by me went to a church not my church but aren’t we all the church so what does it matter except some…well don’t don’t do and don’t do but today I did go with my friend and receive the ashes dust … More dirt


Easter week. I haven’t made it a habit, as of late, to write about the spiritual. Except that I believe everything is spiritual. Everything important anyway. Everything we feel and hope for. And that’s generally what I write about. But specific mention of a spiritual journey. I’ve abstained from that for a while. Mainly because … More human

holy week Tuesday

A couple things….. Sometimes I write. And it’s not exactly my normal blog entries. Sometimes it’s sort of poetry. Sort of not. Because who’s to say what poetry is, exactly. My writings aren’t necessarily Chaucer would be proud material  but I’m alright with that. This morning I found myself, out of partial want and partial obligation, … More holy week Tuesday


What is unseen is eternal. The things we can’t see now will last forever. The things that are invisible are deathless and everlasting. I could list out 100 things I cannot see right now. The abstract. The ideas, hopes, dreams. The future. I currently cannot see my children. I know each is out there. One … More unseen


There were years of my life in which I didn’t believe in devotional books.  It wasn’t that I disliked them, per se, I just wasn’t interested in reading and/or utilizing them.  I felt the bible, God’s word to his people, was enough.  Just read it and don’t bother with someone’s commentary or opinion.  Maybe it was … More devotion

measuring hope

Sometimes life is busy. Not a terribly profound statement, but true, correct?  Currently, my work life consists of coordinating a fundraising event, compiling a grant report, and alas, helping with the beginning stages of yet another federal grant.  Lest you think I’m complaining, I assure you, I’m not.  Job security and all that, right? Anyways, … More measuring hope


Ash Wednesday.  First day of Lent. Reminder that we’re dying.  I am ashes and dust. But Resurrection Day is coming. Meantime, though.  What to do in between? Give something up?  Sacrifice?  Confess? The word I hear….. [release]. And I answer back, [I already have]. So much.  People and things.  Dreams.  Aspirations.  Even hopes. But it … More release

nonsense is not

Despite circumstances and bank statements. Feelings and loss. God provides. When it’s dark.  When it doesn’t make sense. When I am alone at 3am. God makes a way. The sun comes up. People offer love and prayers. Hope still abounds. Nonsense is not a part of a successful operation. Nonsense is not a building block. … More nonsense is not