wilderness and/or wasteland

Sunday morning pre 8am. A car alarm goes off periodically this morning and I am unsure as to why the car owner doesn’t permanently handle this situation. Not quite like clockwork, as the times are intermittent, it continues. I’d prefer to not have the noise interruption, thank you. I can’t decide if the word of … More wilderness and/or wasteland

thoughts on the week

I wrote this on Sunday. Just got around to posting today… This past week was a week. As in rather trying. Emotions and words and faces. Joys. Hopes. Memories. Voices. Smiles. Hugs. Thank yous. I’m sorries. I got up Wednesday morning feeling physically worse than I have in a long, long time. Headache. Emotionally drained. … More thoughts on the week

hate to be

I’m thankful for them, yet I hate to be a worry. This week at least two friends have asked if I am okay. They were legitimately concerned. Which means I am showing the outward signs of not being so. Here’s the thing……. I am fairly decent at hiding the down and outs of everyday life. … More hate to be

scattered thoughts

My mind jumps.  From one thought to another.  Work to bills to my daughter in a foreign country to my son in another city to spray painting random home objects to filling my car with gas to grocery shopping to yard work and on and on. There are the angry thoughts….. directed at people.  Real … More scattered thoughts


A while back my daughter and I decided to stop using home cleaning products with chemicals. At least as much as possible for us.  So, when we ran out of bathroom and toilet bowl cleaners, we purchased a large bottle of vinegar, Murphy’s Oil Soap and Borax.  Now I mix up our own cleaners, avoiding … More toxic