piano lessons

I am offering piano lessons.  Here are the facts:

  • Lessons are for beginners and near beginners, kindergarten and up
  • Lessons are offered weekday evenings, beginning at 5:30pm
  • I will go to your home for lessons and you are required to have a full size piano
  • Lessons are a half hour in length, once per week
  • Cost of each lesson is $25

If you are interested, please email me at dgmonck@gmail.com.

My thoughts and musical philosophies…….

I began playing piano at age 8.  It seemed many of my young friends were enrolled in gymnastics class and I thought it was a good idea for me to be too.  Plus I also wanted to learn piano.  Back in the 1970s [yes, I’m that old], children did not do umpteen million activities at once like they do today.  My mom told me piano would be a better choice than gymnastics because I’d be able to play piano for my own enjoyment my entire life, but I’d only be able to do gymnastics for a certain amount of time.  Despite the fact I have the perfect physique for a gymnast [yes, I’m petite], I suppose she was correct.  Mom always knows best, right?  I was involved in music throughout my childhood and teen years, and eventually took lessons in the music department at Northern Arizona University.  Which means I know what a jury is all about [ie – better know all the scales].

I began teaching my son to play piano when he was in kindergarten, and did the same with my daughter.  While they both share a love of music, my son found it to be his passion.  He continues to play piano.  He played percussion through high school, ending his drumming career as center snare in his high school marching band.  And along the way, he developed a love for the guitar.  He recently wrapped up his third year as a student at the University of Louisville, majoring in Music Performance as a classical guitarist.  He participated in Governor’s School for the Arts, enabling him to receive a scholarship to U of L [go Cards].

I share the above about my son because I believe an early introduction to music is important in presenting to children what possibilities are out there.  Whether a person becomes a professional musician or simply develops a life long love of music, learning the basics on piano can be extremely helpful and rewarding.



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