twenty three

Today marks my son’s 23rd birthday. So I felt it appropriate to write a bit about him. As far as children go, some people want a bunch. I wanted two. I wanted a boy and a girl. The boy being the oldest. And that’s what I got. Interesting, since other details of my life haven’t … More twenty three

twenty two

Hello reader! Today is my son Jamie’s birthday. He’s 22, which you most likely gleaned from the title of this entry. So, like I have in the past, I wrote a letter in honor of the day. Dear James, I don’t know if you realize it, but this time of year not only marks your … More twenty two

bible stories

My kids had a children’s bible when they were young.  It was basically a story book and we read out of it often.  Actually, we still have it. I’m not exactly sure why, and if I thought about it long enough and conducted some research I’m sure I’d find out, but we who raise our … More bible stories