There’s a church I photographed years ago. Rural Kentucky. I enlarged the photo. Printed it out. Framed it. It’s currently hanging in my second bedroom. I’ve made it a habit to photograph churches. I passed it last Saturday. I’d forgotten exactly where it was. But at the moment. I passed it I decided to come … More abandoned

all which lingers

I look around, sometimes, and realize the surroundings are not correct. I inventory my thoughts and come to the conclusion whatever happened then is insignificant. Then as in one particular moment and then as in years and years combined. Insignificant in that I cannot, in any way, alter the happenings. Not insignificant in the measurement … More all which lingers


She sits and types away. College essays. Twelfth grade. I remember 12 years ago. We were contemplating moving here. Lexington, Kentucky. I did not want to. Not because I don’t like Lexington. But because it didn’t seem right. We’d tried it before. Twice. Third time wasn’t a charm. Or maybe it was. Because I’m still … More here

Marie Callender’s

I was not at all expecting the tide of emotions on Thursday.  Our workplace had a visitor, someone who does similar work to ours in Stockton, California.  We had the chance to hear about his ministry, his family, and ask questions.  He, along with his wife, son and daughter, live in the inner city.  From … More Marie Callender’s

surfer table

Sometimes I wonder if I have any business doing what I do.  Being where I am. Living where I live. Etc. Midway through my college years, I transferred schools. Northern Arizona University I went from a state university to a small, private school.  I moved my educational life from the forested mountains of northern Arizona … More surfer table

here’s hoping

Today my daughter went on a field trip to our Kentucky State Capitol.  Apparently high schoolers take field trip just like first graders.  She had a great time, even getting to pretend she was the President of the Senate, complete with gavel.  I think it was a Leslie Knope moment for her [you’ll only get … More here’s hoping


My son Jamie and I traveled down to Danville, Kentucky last Friday evening for a concert.  I was excited to hear the New Century Chamber Orchestra at the Norton Center for the Arts.  Danville is quite possibly my favorite small Kentucky town.  It has a lovely downtown, is home to Centre College [where the VP … More selling.the.church