the struggle

I just returned from visiting my daughter. She is a student at NYU and this is her spring break week. She invited me a while back, asking if we could stay in Brooklyn. She wanted to get away from her usual area and explore / relax a bit. I agreed it was a good idea, … More the struggle

happy xmas

I have many thoughts circulating through my mind as I begin writing this. As I often do… Anyway, please do not allow yourself to become agitated by the term “xmas”. By using it in the title of this entry, I am not meaning to remove “Christ” from Christmas. Because let’s be real….Christmas is the celebration … More happy xmas


This summer has taken me to five cities.   Cincinnati Columbus Tulsa St. Louis Louisville I have navigated through at least a part of each of them.  Driving down roads and freeways.  Up to this point in my life, I haven’t been the designated driver, so to speak.  But divorce means nearly everything changes, travel … More roads