story time

I’ve had the privilege of hearing a variety of stories lately. Straight from the people who have lived or are living the situation. I’ve also shared bits and parts of my story recently. And I’ve found people are appreciative I’ve told it, just as I am to hear others tell theirs. I don’t believe you … More story time

mistaken identity

A while back I decided I’d ask the Lexington Herald Leader about the possibility of being a writer for their Faith and Values section.  I explained a wife.mother.ministry-wife might be able to lend a point of view they were lacking.  They kindly told me they actually like the man who is currently their main writer … More mistaken identity


Fear is the squelcher of hope.  It’s difficult to be hopeful when you’re fearful.  To hope is to wish for the best.  To fear is [well, I think you know what to fear is].   Because HOPE is my word for 2013, I’m reminded fear is on the other end of the pole.  Someone recently asked … More fear.factors