winter says

winter says, let me interrupt. oh, did you have plans? no matter. I will change it all up. reminds me of the last few years. best laid. not what I. expected. looking back further. not at all what I bargained for and now here I am. childhood dreams. love and tales of. winter says, slow … More winter says

my view

I took this photo today from my bedroom window: Beyond my backyard is the African Cemetery #2. I was struck this afternoon by how it looked. Snow covered.   I stumbled upon this today…. To attribute to the Muse a special fondness for pain is to come too close to desiring and cultivating pain. It’s a … More my view


This is the harshest January I remember.  It’s beyond cold outside.  The ground is covered in snow.  Navigating the streets is not easy.   More harsh weather is forecasted. Like the outdoor elements, I am cold myself.  Figuratively freezing inside, like a brisk wind is blowing through my mind.  Frazzled, feeling like something fragile that’s … More brisk