where I sit

I am sort of waiting on the moon. Kind of like Linus waiting on the Great Pumpkin. Well, it’s October, so that analogy came to mind. The moon is supposed to be especially great tonight. I caught a glimpse yesterday, and it was bright. It is a Supermoon. Or Hunter’s Moon. You probably already knew … More where I sit


Break my heart for what breaks yours.  Everything I am for Your Kingdom’s cause.   An old worship song.  One I haven’t listened to in a long while.  Yet one line keeps going through my head.  Break my heart for what breaks yours. Breakmyheartforwhatbreaksyours.  Breakmyheartforwhatbreaksyours. I’ve thought so much these last months that I don’t belong … More settle


My daughter and I took a walk on Sunday morning to our local donut store, which is .8 miles from our house.  [I just Google mapped it] Between there and back, we saw Colonel Sanders and a whole lot more. The Colonel is now living on top of a spire, high above a house down … More Here

{moving in}

I am sometimes in awe at the strangeness of my neighborhood.  A huge, Victorian style home with an art gallery on the first floor and some sort of commune going on upstairs.   A Pilgrim Holiness church complete with women who only wear skirts – no pants.  A car door stuck perpendicular in a front yard … More {moving in}