never look back

A while ago, maybe a year, maybe more, a friend of mine typed these words in a text message: Don’t look back. You can never look back. He was giving me advice in the form of song lyrics. Whether he remembers telling me this, I doubt. But I’m pretty sure he’d say the same thing … More never look back

go ahead and jump

Go ahead and jump. Sometimes you have to jump off the cliff. Into the unknown. It’s dark. It’s frightening. And it makes no sense. But it’s the only way. We’ve all heard that, of course. The speeches. The encouragements. Those quotes we pin on our Pinterest boards. [If you still utilize Pinterest. I don’t all … More go ahead and jump


A busy week.  The busiest of 2014, actually. A fairly normal Monday.  Tuesday I tried a book group.  Should I have been an English teacher?  Maybe. Should I start my own book club and re-read The Sound and the Fury?  Maybe. Wednesday….The day before my workplace’s biggest yearly event.  Much work.  Deadlines.  I followed through … More event[ful]