solstice paradox

The world outside my window is gray. No sunshine. Fitting since yesterday was the least light filled day of the year. Winter is here, in all its bitter cold glory. Reminding me it gets three entire months, just like each season. I’ve considered the moon more this year than any other. Made it a point … More solstice paradox


We agreed on breakfast for dinner, my daughter and I. Friday night, yet we wanted no excitement. No outing. No celebration. The end of the semester for her. Halfway through her high school senior year. A holiday break for me. Last day of work for a while. The end of a season. Gosh, autumn has … More beauty

day 2

Opposites.  Yesterday to today. A day spent with my son, who I love.  Yesterday featured an actual van Gogh and a renowned guitarist. Today?  None of the above.  Today was the typical Monday, like the song.  Rain, annoyances, some sadness sprinkled in. My advent reading today, day 2?  Opposites as well.  Wait.  Seek.  Unlike yesterday, … More day 2