Remind me again. Why I’m here. What I love. What my heart yearns for. I forgot. Or thought it was gone. Until last week. It hit me while standing in my bathroom. Those girls. Those girls coming over Saturday. They aren’t any different. No different really than my girl. My daughter. What do I want … More girls

true calling?

I think about the word {calling} often as of late. Here’s the thing.  My family moved specifically to the home I currently dwell in for a reason.  Because of the neighborhood.  Because of our priorities, thoughts, convictions, beliefs.  All that stuff.  Well, divorce certainly throws a wrench in much of that.  Do I still hold … More true calling?

who’s calling?

It frees you up, so you can do what you’re called to do. I overheard that tidbit last week.  Actually, I can’t remember if I heard the above verbatim, but that was the gist of it. The word [calling] has come up often, as of late, in my life.  I hear people say, “I’m called … More who’s calling?