Summertime Music – Life on Lansill

One of my favorite occurrences in Lexington, Kentucky, is the annual patriotic concert held at Gratz Park.  It was held last Friday evening, and our family attended, as usual.  It was a lovely time:  great weather, a nice variety of picnics foods, and fine music by the Lexington Philharmonic.  While I’m not the most patriotic person around, events like these are what America’s all about, right?  A free concert, in the beautiful outdoors, with all types of people in attendance.  And don’t forget the dogs.  Plus, the available porta potties included outdoor sinks this year.  A definite upgrade.
On Tuesday, we headed to Ecton Park for the weekly jazz concert.  We had a bit of difficulty finding a take out pizza on the way (no, I’m not joking!).  But, we eventually settled in for an evening of music and people watching.  We left at the intermission.
Wednesday was probably one of the top 5 days of summer, as far as son Jamie is concerned.  We visited CD Central and he purchased The Dead Weather’s Sea of Cowards album.  When I say album, I mean album.  He purchased the vinyl record.  Apparently he’s been anticipating this for quite some time.  He’s converting it to his iPhone (I think that’s the correct verbiage) as I type this. 
Today (Thursday), we wandered through the Habitat for Humanity Restore looked through the records and found – Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues, a Maynard Ferguson, and a Chicago.  For a grand total of $2.29. 
Alas, there’s a jazz concert tonight at Central Library, but it’s not the greatest timing for us.  Jamie’s heading to King’s Island tomorrow and Chip is disk golfing this evening.  So, we’ll pass this time around.
Earlier this week, Jamie sent me this link:   Maybe we’ll just listen to them instead.

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