Flapjack Friday Faves [02.28]

Happy last day of February, the year’s shortest month.  And speaking of happy………

I recently created a Spotify playlist.  I named it Happy 2.  Why 2, you might ask?  Well, simply because I already had a Happy.  At this point though, some of the songs under Happy do not make me happy.  So, I started a new list.  Makes sense, right?

I know you are dying to know what songs are in my Happy 2 list.  Here you go:

Best Day of My Life by American Authors (I’m an avid reader, you know)

Happy with Myself  by Over the Rhine (you can’t please everyone, believe me)

The Heart by needtobreathe (one of their new songs)

Beautiful Day by U2 (face it, weather changes our disposition)

On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons (kind of reminds me of the old Carpenters tune)

Happy by Pharrell Williams (keeps me in touch with the younger set, right?)

Hear Comes the Sun by The Beatles (again, it’s the weather thing and it’s a classic)

I Can See Clearly  Now by Johnny Nash (weather……)

Brave by Sara Bareilles (it’s so freeing and empowering and makes me feel strong)

Stand by Lenny Kravitz (another inspirational, fun song)

As far as reading goes, I’ve gotten myself into another literary bind and am reading two novels and meanwhile another book I put on hold at the library is now available.  What two novels am I reading, you ask?

The Goldfinch

the goldfinch

and Divergent.


And lastly, a bit of encouragement as we face another weekend:


I’m learning it’s alright to be good to myself.  Hopefully you already are to yourself.

Have a lovely, {happy}, and terrific day!

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