I printed out an Isaiah verse in one of my current favorite fonts, which is pupcat.  Here’s the alphabet, all 26 letters, in pupcat: It’s nice, isn’t it?  Anyway….the verse I printed is technically two, Isaiah 43:18-19, from The Message. Here’s the thing.  I’ve been down lately.  Focused on the old.  Focused on the “why … More brand-new


There were years of my life in which I didn’t believe in devotional books.  It wasn’t that I disliked them, per se, I just wasn’t interested in reading and/or utilizing them.  I felt the bible, God’s word to his people, was enough.  Just read it and don’t bother with someone’s commentary or opinion.  Maybe it was … More devotion

blessed are

I’ve written before about my questions regarding those who enjoy boasting on being [blessed]:  blessed beyond. Lately I’ve been in one of those {what about me?} ruts.  You know, the {life is not fair to me} feelings? {No one understands.  Everyone is self consumed.} {People have their own agenda.} Truthfully, I’m not one to enjoy … More blessed are

bible stories

My kids had a children’s bible when they were young.  It was basically a story book and we read out of it often.  Actually, we still have it. I’m not exactly sure why, and if I thought about it long enough and conducted some research I’m sure I’d find out, but we who raise our … More bible stories

What We See and Hear

“People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.” —Harper Lee It’s a quote from To Kill a Mockingbird.  Yet when I read the quote today, I realized it could mean an awfully lot.  We want things to happen a certain way.  We have an ideal, whether it’s positive or motivated … More What We See and Hear