I printed out an Isaiah verse in one of my current favorite fonts, which is pupcat.  Here’s the alphabet, all 26 letters, in pupcat:

It’s nice, isn’t it?  Anyway….the verse I printed is technically two, Isaiah 43:18-19, from The Message.

Isaiah 43Here’s the thing.  I’ve been down lately.  Focused on the old.  Focused on the “why me?”  Instead of moving forward.  And I’ve had some reminders as of late that things are truly going well.  A reimbursement check received because I made a phone call.  A flower blooming on a plant when I figured it was done blooming for the season.  A notice I’ve made another Etsy sale.  Good news regarding my home.  Affirmation that my children love me.  Received on a day when I really needed the affirmation.  A lovely outdoor afternoon symphony orchestra concert with my son.  Little confirmations that good is happening.

So I need to stop going over old history.  Because God is doing something brand-new.  Just like the flower, it’s bursting out.  And even though I often feel like I’m walking alone in a dry desert, God is making a way for me.  A road.  That leads to new places.



4 thoughts on “brand-new

  1. Debbie, I’m so sorry you have to go through all of this. It’s not fair at all. I can’t even imagine. But it’s good that you are experiencing new things, and living life. I love reading your blogs. Hope something wonderful happens for you soon! Love you!

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