Here’s the analogy: Life is similar to a staircase.  We keep climbing, striving, going up and up.  Moving towards goals.  Moving towards the end. Yet I’ve stopped climbing.  I’ve reached a floor, maybe the fourth.  Maybe the forty-fifth.  It doesn’t matter so much the number.  But I can’t locate the staircase.  I’m wandering around, lost, … More staircase

kind of ironic

Last night I finished reading The Happiness Project.   I really enjoyed the book and have joined the Happier at Home 21-Day Relationship Challenge.  So far I’m keeping up with my New Year’s resolutions pretty well.   The projects I’ve set out to do this month are progressing well.  I’ve incorporated fruit into my breakfast everyday in … More kind of ironic

joy thief

I often think of happy people as being naive, almost ridiculously carefree.  And aren’t all the cool people melancholy?  Artists, musicians, deep thinkers.  They’re generally not always smiling.  They’re serious and focused.  To me, it’s almost like it’s perfectly fine to be happy as a child, but once we’re grown up, we need to lean … More joy thief