some days are snow days

Snow days still astound me. Strangely as I should be used to them by now. But the world, or my world, shutting down due to weather is interesting. Because it means all plans are out the window. Not that I had that many plans for the day. But what I did have. Didn’t happen. Because … More some days are snow days


I find myself having a hard time letting go. I can be compulsive. I can hold on. To release is to surrender and to surrender…..well isn’t that giving up? Maybe not. I suppose it’s actually good to surrender. Relinquish. Therapeutic perhaps? Yet it’s hard. I find myself realizing I must let go of a … More fall

conspiracy theory

My husband has told me many times I act like everyone is out to get me.  I confess this is sometimes true.  But I do have evidence.  Really, I do.  Trust me. Anyway, I do love a good conspiracy theory.  I don’t believe Oswald acted alone [does anyone, really?]. I think too much.  Not that … More conspiracy theory