happy with myself{?}

There is a function on our family television that offers a selection of music videos.  Because I’m technologically deprived, I will not expound on the details.  All I know is my husband and kids tune in and find musicians and groups they like.  Sometimes we all sit in the living room and take turns [sort … More happy with myself{?}


My mind sometimes goes back to my childhood and teen years and recalls words spoken to me.  You know, those memorable items parents, teachers and friends said to you.  Maybe I don’t remember the exact context.  Maybe in my mind it’s now a paraphrase.  But I remember the gist. A day or so ago I … More smile

joy, despite

It’s hard to be joyful when you’re not comfortable or happy with a situation.  Even when joy is warranted, when joy is expected, there can still be a bit of sadness.  Kind of like getting a promotion out of the department you worked in long enough to make friends.  Sure, you’re happy for the wage … More joy, despite