being well

We’re focusing on wellness where I work. Challenged to eat healthier and exercise more and be accountable. So each Friday morning I text my people. Three other women I work with. I give my little report. Open forum for them to respond if they so choose. And they do. So choose. It’s been a good … More being well


I looked up the definition of exhaust.  When used as a verb it means: drain (someone) of their physical or mental resources; tire out. Or here’s another: use up (resources or reserves) completely. Synonyms are: overtire fatigue weary tire drain consume finish deplete spend empty drain Honestly, I can relate to this verb.  I am … More exhaust


My mind sometimes goes back to my childhood and teen years and recalls words spoken to me.  You know, those memorable items parents, teachers and friends said to you.  Maybe I don’t remember the exact context.  Maybe in my mind it’s now a paraphrase.  But I remember the gist. A day or so ago I … More smile