there are places

I wrote a blog entry when both my children were in high school, about how parenting is a series of good-byes. And in reality, the truer statement might be that life is a series of good-byes. People and places we love and care for. Which eventually, often times more than once, we have to tearfully … More there are places


She sits and types away. College essays. Twelfth grade. I remember 12 years ago. We were contemplating moving here. Lexington, Kentucky. I did not want to. Not because I don’t like Lexington. But because it didn’t seem right. We’d tried it before. Twice. Third time wasn’t a charm. Or maybe it was. Because I’m still … More here

true calling?

I think about the word {calling} often as of late. Here’s the thing.  My family moved specifically to the home I currently dwell in for a reason.  Because of the neighborhood.  Because of our priorities, thoughts, convictions, beliefs.  All that stuff.  Well, divorce certainly throws a wrench in much of that.  Do I still hold … More true calling?

crooked house

My family lives in a crooked house.  I believe our house was built in 1910, making it just over 100 years old.  Apparently in 1910, levels were not utilized as they are in today’s construction methods.  Or, our house has shifted a bit.  Or, perhaps there are countless other reasons why our house is crooked, … More crooked house