I’m trying to think of what I’m grateful for, beyond the usual list. my kids, family, friends house, car, clothes music, love, health food, job, YMCA the fact the Cincinnati Art Museum does not charge for admission libraries…..and that my current fine is only 10 cents….which is quite rare for me I suppose what I’m … More thanks


November. The month when we list out what we’re thankful for. I taught a children’s lesson recently. Since it’s the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving, why not utilize the obvious theme of gratitude? Yes, that’s the topic I chose. Have you ever asked a group of kids, ages varying from 4 years old to sixth … More unlikely

before november

Stereotypical.  I received my final divorce papers on Halloween.  A day in which my car’s check engine light started to flash, so I dropped it, once again, at the garage.  Cold rain steadily fell.   I had a cold or some sort of ailment which made me feel worse than I have in over a … More before november