thanks for the laughter and more

Most reasonable people would agree, I’d say, that it’s good to be thankful.  And listing out what I’m thankful for is generally a helpful exercise.  When faced with a struggle, it can be difficult, I’ve found, to recall all I have to be grateful about.  I’m making myself realize the beauty of this season, despite it being the darkest I’ve faced.

Yesterday I sat down with three friends, with some legitimate questions regarding advice I felt the three of them could give me.  All three are trained and experienced in the issues I had questions about.  They were all extremely honest and caring, and gave what I consider to be sound insight.  Towards the end of our conversation though, we all were laughing.  Despite the magnitude of what we’d discussed. Even though none of us truly know exactly how things will turn out.  We were able to find some joy and share some fun.

I’m thankful for laughter. And friends who understand and agree you can call them in the middle of the night if you need something.

Today is a lovely day outside.  Granted, it’s the first day of February, so a temperature in the low 60s is something to be celebrated.  I went for a run outside this morning.  I’ve always found being alone and outside one of the best mixes for conversation with God.  I’ve realized as of late, I”m pretty angry.  Running is a good anger reducer.  As is talking to God.  Especially while running.  I put a lot out there.  Fears, frustrations, the stuff that’s currently making me mad.

I’m thankful for winter days conducive to anger reducing runs while praying.

Last night my daughter and I ate homemade pizza, topped with caramelized onions and banana peppers.  We watched a movie together while we ate.  And for dessert we had mini ice cream cones from the Trader Joe’s freezer section.  We’ve eaten a lot of pizza together.  And we’ve watched many movies.  We’ve even had the mini cones before.  But, last night it was the perfect combination.  Exactly what I needed.

I’m thankful for pizza topped with caramelized onions and banana peppers and everything else in the above paragraph.  Especially time spent with my daughter.

My son texted me today.  He asked how my Chopin was coming.  No one else currently on the planet would ask me how my Chopin is coming.  He was talking about a specific piano song I’m working on.  It’s one he enjoys.  It’s a commonality we can share, despite him being away at college.

I’m thankful for a son who knows me well.  And that he took the time today to connect with me, because he knows that means the world to me.

It’s good to laugh and run and eat and play piano.  And connect with people who truly care.  For all these I am grateful.

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