I do remember making these cupcakes. . .

Today I went to Kroger carrying a list.  There were approximately 8 items on the list.  I had forgotten to write down toilet paper, but fortunately remembered we needed some (just put the last roll on the holder).  But. . . I left the store without purchasing an item on the list.  Only 8 items to buy, and I missed one.
Before Kroger, Allie and I stopped by the library.  I picked up two books I had placed on hold.  One of them is The Cookbook Collector.  When I received the email notice that this book was in, I had no recollection of placing it on hold, and not paying much attention, my initial thought was that it was a cookbook, most likely vegetarian.  Well, it’s a novel.  Fiction.  Not a cookbook.  I didn’t realize this until I got home.  Apparently, I knew this when I put in the hold request.  It would have been obvious then.  But that memory’s gone.
Is this what middle age brings?  

I can remember in detail things that happened years ago.  But last week, two months back, anything recent, I might need some refreshment. 

On another note, here’s a recipe I tried this weekend.   I ♥ pumpkin recipes, and it’s a winner.  I also ♥ Ina Garten.  She seems so calm. 

[I did substitute allspice for the ginger, and margarine for the butter.  
I also used regular table salt.]
[at least that’s how I remember making them!]

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