[orange new year]

Elvis sang about having a blue Christmas and we dream about having a white one.  So why not have an orange new year? 

I ate an orange with my lunch today.  It wasn’t an especially good one.  But oranges are my favorite winter fruit, so I tried to enjoy it AMAP {as much as possible}.  A couple hours later I decided to make myself a cup of tea.  Without much thought, I picked Wild Sweet Orange {part of my winnings from Good Foods [see previous blog]}.  While drinking said tea, I realized I’m drinking out of an orange mug.  And I had a glass of orange juice for breakfast [which probably has nothing to do with the tea, but it fits the theme here]. 

Orange is a vibrant color and it’s a step beyond yellow.  Yellow can be happy, bright, sunny.  But orange, orange is unmistakably bold.  Yet oranges, the kind that we eat, are sweet.  So was my orange juice.  And my Wild Sweet Orange tea, once I added honey.  Bold and sweet.  

Doesn’t that sound like a good start to the new year?  I want to be bold.  Not pushy, not jerky, not overly assertive, but bold.  Not necessarily bold with people, but bold in my aspirations and bold in my hopes.  Bold in my expectations of myself.  Yet I want this to be a sweet year.  Sweet as in pleasing.  Not sour.  Not bland.  Not sappy either.  Not syrupy and silly.  But I want my priorities in order.  I want to be organized.  I want to have purpose.  Not waste time.  Not be scattered or messy or lost.  

So, I guess all I have left to do is make up a song about having an orange new year.  It can’t be that hard to rival Auld Lang Syne.

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