I am all for the [thematic] gift.  Or, put another way, the gift with some thought behind it.  My husband could have had a dozen roses sent to my workplace today or he could have given me a piece of jewelry [not really his thing].  But instead, on Sunday he applied this to a spot in our home:

On Saturday morning we went on a breakfast date.  Tonight, our family of four will enjoy Qdoba’s buy one/get one entree deal.  And I’m happy as can be about the whole thing.  

Getting back to the thematic, I’ve picked out a word to focus on this year, in regards to my husband.  The word:


Why?  Because peace means a state of harmony.  And that’s what I wish for him and for the two of us and for our family as a whole.   He knows I love him.  He knows the depth of my loyalty.  Yet I feel the next step, the place of depth we need to head, is peace.  

So I made him a gift to hang in our bedroom, signifying this word.  I won’t be purchasing a Hallmark card, because though eloquently worded, they never say exactly what I would.   


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