Flapjack Friday Faves [06.21]

Once again, it’s Friday.  [yay!]  I have a fairly open weekend ahead, which I’m quite happy about.

I’m hoping to make a variation of this pizza, sometime in the next couple days:

SW_PIZZA_08 Last night, we had a variation of this:

Grilled Cheese Sandwich-116I say variation, because I find it nearly impossible to follow a recipe, exactly as written.  I did find it quite satisfying to make homemade pesto utilizing basil I’m growing on my back deck.

Summer reading……where do you get your book recommendations?  Do you ever simply wander the library, looking around, picking books off the shelf?  Speaking of libraries, here’s a video featuring the world’s largest domino chain made with books.

Again, regarding libraries [yes I’m a big fan], check out this:

Distribution density of public libraries

My son wants to do a bit of thrift shop shopping soon.  I hope to take him tomorrow.  There’s also a vintage shop in town I’d like to investigate in our city, Fox House Vintage.

Read about it here on my friend’s blog, Bourbon & Beans

In other fashion news, have you considered making

fashion from trash?

Maybe, just maybe, anxiety is ok???  My Friday quote of the week is for the Kierkegaard fans in the crowd:


And, one more thing before I go……  It seems Facebook has just about run its course with many of us.  My husband left.  My teenage daughter left.  And recently this, from  You Know You’re From Arizona When, a FB group I belong to …..

arizonaTwo people have been removed from the group – because the language and profanity, in one particular thread, was so unbelievable, that to me, it bordered on bullying. I am considering removing another person. I will not tolerate name-calling. In any form. When you gang up on another member in here, you will be removed. Period.
I am still just so p.o.’d, after reading through that entire thread.
And if you have a complaint about me, and what I do to keep this group running smoothly, address it to me through messaging – I will not sit here and read through ‘snide’ comments/posts, about my moderating.
Have a nice evening.

Apparently, people can’t keep something cute and light, just that, cute and light.  What should be jokes about what crazy southerners refer to as “dry heat” [we native Arizonans know once it’s over 105, it matters not….] and how to correctly pronounce “saguaro”, has become a page of infighting and comments about the politics of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  No thanks…….

Have a lovely weekend.  Grace and peace.  Adios.


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