A friend read Psalm 27 to me.  God is my light…..

Jesus said it.  I am the light of the world.

Isaiah prophesied those who walk in darkness have seen a great light.

Yesterday was dark, dreary, chilly, raining.  My mood lagged.  My thoughts fearful and low.

Today the sun shines.


And I’m more filled with cheer.

Wait.  Wait on God is how Psalm 27 ends.  It starts off reminding me God is light and it ends telling me to wait.

Wait on the light.

The light exposes.  Illuminates.  Enables me to see clearly.

So if God is light, my light….. He exposes. He illuminates.  He enables me to see clearly.

But I have to wait on him.  A means to an end.  Patience.  Revelation will come.  At the end of the road.

I am still on the journey.  I am waiting.  In process.  Seeking the light.  Running to the light.  Avoiding the darkness because it’s his job to expose.  He illuminates, not me.  Maybe through me, but not solely me.

Much like waiting for summer.  Knowing it will come.  June twenty first follows June twentieth always.  There will not be an exception.  It’s factual, on the calendar.  There is no denying it.  Not realistically.  Just like the light cannot be denied.  It will prevail.  It will shine.  It will be my salvation.

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