I have experienced the unexpected this week. Not in a huge way, as in nothing revolutionary happened. Nothing far out of the ordinary, I suppose. Yet. Thinking back to Sunday, which was Palm Sunday. My son was in Kentucky for his spring break and performed a recital in Louisville. His sister surprised him by attending. … More unexpected


Easter week. I haven’t made it a habit, as of late, to write about the spiritual. Except that I believe everything is spiritual. Everything important anyway. Everything we feel and hope for. And that’s generally what I write about. But specific mention of a spiritual journey. I’ve abstained from that for a while. Mainly because … More human

holy week Tuesday

A couple things….. Sometimes I write. And it’s not exactly my normal blog entries. Sometimes it’s sort of poetry. Sort of not. Because who’s to say what poetry is, exactly. My writings aren’t necessarily Chaucer would be proud material  but I’m alright with that. This morning I found myself, out of partial want and partial obligation, … More holy week Tuesday


What is unseen is eternal. The things we can’t see now will last forever. The things that are invisible are deathless and everlasting. I could list out 100 things I cannot see right now. The abstract. The ideas, hopes, dreams. The future. I currently cannot see my children. I know each is out there. One … More unseen


I suppose Easter is all about trust.  It’s the ultimate You can trust me…. ~ God Even though things grew very grim. His friends watched Jesus die.  Publicly, brutally.  Less than a week after they’d rode into Jerusalem ready to celebrate.  Their friend Judas betrayed Jesus and also them.  Then he committed suicide.  That in … More trust

are you ready?

Why do we frequently ask people, in December:  Are you ready for Christmas? Yes, obviously, we ask for a few reasons. We genuinely want to know.We’re making conversation.Etc. Yet I’m curious why we don’t ask the same questions in regard to Easter.  Are you ready for Easter?  I realize we don’t put the same effort … More are you ready?