a july day

Our last day without her. Allie returns home tomorrow. In fact, as I type this she’s in the Prague airport. Jamie and I visited one of our favorite places today, Raven Run. Trees and sunshine. Mushrooms growing out of moss on a tree. Wildflowers. Much better than roses. At least I think so. Locust shell … More a july day


Yesterday’s mail was a bit bizarre.  Not that I received anything odd, in and of itself.  Here’s the rundown: I received an expected and much anticipated small package from my daughter, a foreign exchange student who currently resides in the Czech Republic. Secondly, the mail contained a large envelope addressed to my daughter from Reed … More mail

back to school

Labor Day evening.  As a child, I remember it well.  All the anticipation of a new school year about to begin the next day. Yet much has changed in the many years since I attended school.  Public school here in Lexington, Kentucky, began before mid August.  My son started classes at the University of Louisville … More back to school

week of

This was the week of her departure.  After months and months, nearly a year actually, of planning and preparation, my daughter boarded a plane on Monday morning and headed for the Czech Republic.  It was exciting to see her go.  I will miss her greatly.  I already do.  Yet this was her dream.  Her goal … More week of

Otterbein weekend

My daughter Allie and I anticipated Otterbein 2014 for a long time.  As an outbound Rotary exchange student headed for the Czech Republic next month, she was required to attend this orientation.  Parents are strongly suggested to go along too, so I did. Before I looked into it, I had no idea why they called the … More Otterbein weekend