brevity matters not…sometimes

I’m reminded experiences matter. Often, at least to me, more so than actual, physical things. Time with someone I care about. Time spent alone which enables me to process and grow. While I’m thankful, grateful, whatever word one might choose…for my house, car, shoes, food. Thankful for specific people who are much more important, obviously … More brevity matters not…sometimes

and be thankful

Right around this time of year, four years ago, I began my current job. I am thankful for all I have learned, how much I’ve grown, and all the great people I have had the chance to work with. My daughter is having an awesome [she hates it when I use the word awesome] time … More and be thankful

before november

Stereotypical.  I received my final divorce papers on Halloween.  A day in which my car’s check engine light started to flash, so I dropped it, once again, at the garage.  Cold rain steadily fell.   I had a cold or some sort of ailment which made me feel worse than I have in over a … More before november


Today is Monday and it’s a rainy day.  I’m one of those “rainy days and Mondays” people.  In other words, it’s not easy for me to be overjoyed on a Monday that’s also a rainy day. I’m trying to focus on gratitude during this season of Lent. One of the specific ways I’m trying to … More ordinary