Today is Monday and it’s a rainy day.  I’m one of those “rainy days and Mondays” people.  In other words, it’s not easy for me to be overjoyed on a Monday that’s also a rainy day.

I’m trying to focus on gratitude during this season of Lent. One of the specific ways I’m trying to do this is during my morning commute to work. As in, I try to think about what I’m grateful for. This morning, as I reflected on my weekend, I realized for the most part, it was an ordinary one.  Nothing spectacular happened.  My family did not leave the city.  I did not acquire anything fantastic or eat out.  It was a regular few days, and even included a Taco Night, which while something we Moncks greatly enjoy, was not out of the ordinary for us.  Perhaps we should rename it Noche de el Taco.

While this weekend was not at all significant or special, I realized there were some joyful experiences.  I went to a University of Kentucky gymnastics meet with my daughter and a friend/co-worker.  Our team won the meet.  Likewise, the UK men’s basketball team won on Saturday, invoking a few yells at the tv [by me] and leaving my husband, son and I standing during the final seconds.  On Saturday morning, the weather was glorious and my daughter and I went for a run.  Saturday evening, our family went to Starbuck’s and played a board game.  On Sunday morning our family attended a church service together.

There was the usual chatter.  I think we covered the following topics:

  • hell
  • Rand Paul and his filibuster
  • fads in the church
  • donuts
  • various theological thoughts, views, theories
  • college basketball
  • Rory McIlroy
  • the possibility of making Vine and Main Streets in downtown Lexington one-way streets
    • and the possibility of our family taking it upon ourselves to paint solid yellow lines on said streets
  • whether our new neighbor might be attempting to poison our dog
  • the failing careers of female Disney stars
  • and various and assorted other things
Nothing out of the norm for us.  
I’m coming to realize there’s much to be grateful for in the ordinary.  And a mindset of gratitude can make the normal more pleasant.  It’s in the outlook; it’s dependent on the lifestyle.  It comes down to a choice.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”
~ Williams Arthur Ward

On Sunday, we took a walk.  As in all four of us, plus our beagle.  We walked around our neighborhood.  And while it was simply a walk, it was a blessing.  I was grateful for a sunny afternoon, two teenagers still living at home, a husband/dad who makes us laugh, and an old dog who loves a stroll.   Sure, it would have been more exciting to fly to Chicago or dine at a gourmet restaurant.  But I’m not sure if either of those would have brought any more joy.  I’m learning to be thankful for today.  It’s not always easy.  It doesn’t always come naturally.  Especially on rainy days and Mondays……

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