there are places

I wrote a blog entry when both my children were in high school, about how parenting is a series of good-byes. And in reality, the truer statement might be that life is a series of good-byes. People and places we love and care for. Which eventually, often times more than once, we have to tearfully … More there are places

true calling?

I think about the word {calling} often as of late. Here’s the thing.  My family moved specifically to the home I currently dwell in for a reason.  Because of the neighborhood.  Because of our priorities, thoughts, convictions, beliefs.  All that stuff.  Well, divorce certainly throws a wrench in much of that.  Do I still hold … More true calling?

Hospitable Me

I am pretty excited because this evening some people my husband works with are coming over to our house.   My husband Chip and his coworkers have coordinated a progressive dinner.  Most of the folks he works with live in our vicinity.  He works at Lexington Rescue Mission, so they’re people who value many of … More Hospitable Me