winter says

winter says, let me interrupt. oh, did you have plans? no matter. I will change it all up. reminds me of the last few years. best laid. not what I. expected. looking back further. not at all what I bargained for and now here I am. childhood dreams. love and tales of. winter says, slow … More winter says

just because

If January was a person. I don’t think I’d like her so well. She is moody and unpredictable and has let me down again and again. Frankly, I find her to be mean. Cold, abrasive and calculating in her unkindness. But I’ve decided to give her another chance. Maybe we can actually be friends, after … More just because


I decided to clean out my closet. New year, so why not, right? I am fortunate, in that despite my house being over 100 years old, due to renovations my bedroom closet is quite large. In case that didn’t make sense to you, it is my experience older homes have smaller closets. I am unfortunate … More new