Remind me again. Why I’m here. What I love. What my heart yearns for. I forgot. Or thought it was gone. Until last week. It hit me while standing in my bathroom. Those girls. Those girls coming over Saturday. They aren’t any different. No different really than my girl. My daughter. What do I want … More girls

brave new world

I can check it off the list. Actually, there is no list.  But I did it.  I ran the race.  I completed.  Finished.  Managed to run a 10K.  No walking.  No crying.  No pouting.  I, as Nike likes to proclaim, yet utilizing a different verb tense, “just did it.” So I feel good.  Accomplished, at … More brave new world

ready, set, go[al]

I have never been much of a goal oriented person.  I am disciplined to a certain extent.  I make sure I clean my toilet weekly, unload my dishwasher daily, make my bed every morning.  Etc. But goals, goals can be intimidating.  At least to me.  What if they’re not reached?  What if they’re too easy?  … More ready, set, go[al]

the next day

I’ve come to realize there is a next day.  When you’re in a struggle, it can seem that you’re barely surviving today.  It is nearly impossible to comprehend that there is anything beyond nightfall. That the sun actually comes up the next morning is a surprise.  At the very best, it’s day to day.  One … More the next day

happiness as a goal

Happiness as a goal is a recipe for disaster.  ~ Barry Schwartz I think the above quote says it all.  If you’re only looking to make yourself happy, you’re in for a big fall.  Ah, I made a rhyme. Happiness as a goal is a recipe for disaster. Simple, yet much to consider. … More happiness as a goal


Where I’m going is not necessarily up to me. Unless. Unless I disregard the good of all others but myself.  Then I can decide. I’ve always wondered why everyone doesn’t live in San Diego. It was six degrees in my town this morning.  Why would I choose to be here?  I am a warm weather … More where?