nearly perfect

There are days when I wake up and can hardly imagine getting out of my bed. Small exaggeration, yes. But I don’t want to get up. A slight headache. The knowledge it’s going to be a long day. Probably won’t be done until 8pm. Which for some people is normal but for me it seems late. … More nearly perfect

twenty two

Hello reader! Today is my son Jamie’s birthday. He’s 22, which you most likely gleaned from the title of this entry. So, like I have in the past, I wrote a letter in honor of the day. Dear James, I don’t know if you realize it, but this time of year not only marks your … More twenty two

wait here

Last week I posted an entry regarding letting something go. Well, I’ve decided maybe not. Maybe not let go. First of all, well….there’s a difference between letting go of a situation completely [as in finalization] and surrender. Finalization is, quite obviously, final. Surrender is release. Realizing something is out of one’s control. I’ve come to … More wait here

of my heart

Head versus heart. What logically makes sense versus what brings me joy. It’s interesting people often share they want the best for a person. And by that I think what they’re really saying is I want what makes the most sense. The best scenario. The most fruitful outcome. From their point of view, of course. Wisdom … More of my heart

filed away

I filed it in the safe.  Do most people have alphabetized file folders in their safe? First I cleaned it.  Then I placed it in an envelope.  I sealed it.  Then I filed it at what I considered the appropriate place. Maybe I should have handled it more ceremoniously.  I was alone.  I didn’t give … More filed away