wait here

Last week I posted an entry regarding letting something go. Well, I’ve decided maybe not. Maybe not let go.

First of all, well….there’s a difference between letting go of a situation completely [as in finalization] and surrender. Finalization is, quite obviously, final. Surrender is release. Realizing something is out of one’s control.

I’ve come to the realization life involves a good deal of waiting. I know, I know….excellent observation, right? Who likes to wait though? We’ve heard all the silly, trite comments about the modern world.

We’re a microwave society.

We want everything now.

My word for 2015 is beauty. So I ask myself if there’s any beauty in waiting. And I consider…..my own words.What I want to focus on in 2015:

 A conscious effort to focus on what makes life beautiful, what’s beautiful in others, most importantly, what God makes beautiful especially out of my yuck.

And doing so just might require some waiting.

I don’t really want to wait for much of anything. I was stopped last week on the way to work. A man driving a forklift was dumping stuff into a dumpster. He was blocking the road. It took him a while to line up his forklift and position it just so. The man in a pickup behind me grew impatient. He yelled. He was unhappy. All in all, I suspect less than five minutes went by. Sure it was inconvenient. Sure it would have been nice if forklift man had been more attentive and accurate. But the situation was out of my control. My car horn was available. I could have lowered my window and shouted. I could have even jumped out of the car and given my advice and opinion. Yet I doubt it would have sped anything up. Probably would have slowed the process down. I simply had to wait until the obstacle was out of my way.

Waiting is time consuming. But waiting is a place for hope to grow. And isn’t hope a beautiful thing?

I'm in no rush, I know good things come in time.

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